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    Our job board matches employers to the relevant job seekers. Our recruiters pre-screen all candidates.


    Job seekers reported an increase in Employer solicitation. Upload your resume now.

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    Remote Language Translations simply use video conferencing with a translator.


    With 30+ call centers, connecting to a language translator specialist is always immediate

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    ASL video translation eliminate redundant costs. Perfect for orientation, trainings, and more.


    Audio transcripts reaches 30+ million people with hearing loss. We can reach them.

Service Overview

We do many different and innovative solutions to resolve employers and job seekers' barriers to a productive workplace.

Below are an overview of our scope of services:

  • Communication Accommodations.
  • On-Demand Sign Language interpreting.
  • Pre & Post employment services.
  • Ticket to work Provider (EN).
  • Prescreened job seekers.
  • Specalizing in Hearing Loss/Deafness.

What we do

Cost-efficient and innovative accommodation solutions for Employers AND job seekers.

There are more than 30 million people with hearing loss/deafness. We specialize in creating barrier-free workplace for the employer and the job seekers. Job seekers are pre-screened and our job recruiters provide pre-employment assessments. This eliminates the amount of search time employers have to spend searching for the right candidates. On the plus side, we also provide innovative communication accommodation solutions.

Ticket to Work

09.10.2015 | New position openings

New employers added to our team. See available job posting at our new job board.

09.10.2015 | FREE job board account!

If you're a Ticket to Work beneficary, you will get a free account to our job board when you register with us as your Employment Network (EN).